A significant portion of BIPCO’s Stand Offer and Transmission Rates are costs that are calculated by comparing our peak load to other utilities in New England. Any reduction in our peak during times when we call for load reduction can help us all save.

BIPCO’s voluntary Beat the Peak program encourages members to reduce energy usage during “peak” energy times. A peak event is when energy demand is at its highest, normally between the hours of 2PM and 8PM during the summer months.

When BIPCO anticipates a potential peak we will ask that you conserve energy by shutting off major appliances such as pool pumps, electric dryers, electric stoves and unnecessary lighting. Other ways to reduce your usage is to turn up air conditioning thermostats 3-4 degrees.

When BIPCO anticipates a peak it will post messages on our website, Block Island Bulletin Board and Facebook. If you wish to “opt-in” for a personalized e-mail or text message you can call us at 401-466-5851.

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