Bills are calculated and sent out around the 1st of each month, this reflects the usage of the previous month. All bills are due in full on the 25th of each month.  Your 8-digit account number must be on or with your payment to ensure your account is properly credited.

There are several ways to pay your electric bill.
1.  You can send in your payment by mail.
2.  You can call the number on the bottom of your bill ( 1-844-749-3053) and pay with a credit card.
3.  You can sign up for online bill pay using the Smart Hub app on your phone or computer.
4. You can drop off your payment at the office on Ocean Ave. Come in or leave it in the white drop box out front.

Use the links below to help you install the Smart Hub app.
How to Install SmartHub pdf
Electronic Bill Pay pdf

Common Billing Q&A

Q: I sent in my payment, but it is not reflected on my latest bill?
A: The new billing was calculated and sent out before we received your payment.  It will be credited to your account when received.

Q: I paid my bill through my bank on the 25th of the month, which is the payment due date, but it says on my bill you did not receive it until several days later?
A: Your bank sends us your payment by check which is sent in the mail. Your payment will take several days to reach us. Please adjust your payment schedule to avoid late fees.

Q: I have not been at my house, yet the bill is showing usage, is there something wrong with my meter?
A: Chances are there is nothing wrong with your meter. We will work with you to help figure out why there is usage. We cannot tell you what is running in your house, but we can           help pinpoint when something is running!

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