Barbara MacMullan, Chair
Board of Commissioners

Mary-Jane Balser, Vice-Chair
Board of Commissioners

Tom Risom, Treasurer
Board of Commissioners

John Warfel, Secretary
Board of Commissioners

Elliot Taubman, Commissioner
Board of Commissioners

The Block Island Utility District seeks candidates for its Board of Utility Commissioners.
There are two positions open. The terms are four years each. The Board of Commissioners meets monthly on the 4th Thursday at 4:00 PM. The meeting usually last between 1-2 hours. Although it’s an important responsibility, the time commitment is not significant.

To be considered, you must be a Qualified Elector (an account holder or someone assigned to represent that account).

Each candidate will be asked to introduce themselves at our Annual Meeting (being held on August 26th @ 4:00 PM). The election is held by mail-in ballot. Ballots will be mailed out on August 30th. Members will then have until October 2nd to return their ballot. The results will be announced on October 4th.

I encourage anyone ever considering learning more about the electric industry to call me, e-mail me, or stop into the office to discuss it. My job in July is to try and find as many eager candidates as I can and even if you don’t decide to run, we’ll have a good conversation about BIUD.

Our industry is truly in a transformative state and it’s really an exciting time for us.

The form must be returned to us by July 26th. There are no petitions to seek signatures for and it’s an easy process. We do require the form to be notarized but Tracy can do that for you when you deliver it to the power company office.

Lastly, you all know that I really enjoy my job on the island, and I know that every commissioner enjoys serving as much as I do. As a commissioner, I am confident that you will feel the same satisfaction and have fun serving.

Regards, Jeff

Jeffery M. Wright, President
Block Island Utility District

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